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TRACE presents the first edition of TRACE Live, with a private concert by Wyclef Jean in Paris on 13 June 2017.

The event was broadcast live using 360-degree cinematography, providing an immersive experience.

TRACE Live is more than a concert, it is a 360 experience that brings together the community of fans to participate in a private concert, filmed in total immersion and broadcast live on

With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, 3 Grammy Awards and hits like “911”, “Hips Do not Lie”, “Sweetest Girl”; Wyclef Jean is one of the most influential people in popular culture. The founding member of The Fugees released the EP J’Ouvert at the beginning of this year and now returns with a new symbolic album entitled Carnival III.

Wyclef Jean’s TRACE Live concert is a unique experience combining live, unreleased songs and unforgettable duets. The artist has performed on stage with his live band and other artists and friends including Tal, Jacob Desvarieux, Neg ‘Marrons, Fababy, Pix’L and Nelson Freitas.


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a.a Jacob Desvarieux, Neilson Freitas, Jacky Brown, Tal, NIX, Benji, Olivier Laouchez, Pix'L_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event b. Tal et Olivier Laouchez_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event b. Tal_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event a.b Nelson Freitas, Jacky Brown, Fababy, Tal, Wyclef Jean, Fuse ODG, Olivier Laouchez, NIX_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event c. Aïssa Maïga_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event d. Fary_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event e. Stomy Bugsy, Lynnsha_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event f. Passi et sa compagne_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event g. Nadeige Beausson Diagne_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event h. Princess Erika _Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event i. Nelson Freitas_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event j. Claudy Siar, Juliette Fievet, Olivier Laouchez _Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event k. Jaymax_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event l. Mac Tyer et son entourage_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event m. Rocca et Olivier Laouchez_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event n. Medhy Custos_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event n. Piero Battery, Olivier Laouchez et Yannick_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event o. Jean-Claude Naimro _Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event o. Thierry Cham_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event o.a Olivier Laouchez et Jean-Claude Naimro_Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event p. Ayden, Olivier Laouchez et Myriam Maxo _Wyclef_Jean_TRACE_LIVE_13_06_2017 © Memorable Event
Jacob Desvarieux, Neilson Freitas, Jacky Brown, Tal, NIX, Benji, Olivier Laouchez, Pix'L, Wyclef_Jean © Memorable Event