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Unlimited free learning

At Trace, we believe that skilled youth have the potential to generate the growth that the world needs to build a better future. 


Trace Academia is the edtech division of Trace, a global multimedia platform dedicated to hip hop and afro-centric cultures and to the empowerment of young people, women and creators. 


In less than 20 years, Trace has built the #1 Afro-Urban brand that engages with 350m young people (15- to 34-year-olds) in 180 countries with a strong presence in Africa and in regions with a strong population of African descent: Brazil, France, UK, Caribbean, Indian Ocean. 


Trace operates 28 localized TV channels, 100 FM and digital radios, 3 entertainment and empowerment online platforms and an audiovisual Studios that makes premium content for Canal+, Netflix, Showmax, SABC, Multichoice, E-TV etc. 


Since its launch, Trace has been empowering more than 30 000 music artists by providing them promotion, distribution and publishing solutions to monetize their talents. With Trace Academia, Trace wants to amplify its positive impact beyond the artists towards the 330 million young men and women in Trace countries, who dropped out of the traditional education system and who are either unemployed or under employed. 


Following extensive research and testing, Trace came to the conclusion that in order to have a real impact, the group ought to create an online learning platform available on mobile that would provide young people with free courses focused on the skills necessary to access the workforce.